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Emergency Services

Security Division


It is the mission of the County of Bucks, Emergency Services, Security Department to safeguard County buildings, land, materials and equipment against fire, trespass, theft and other hazards.


In order to complete our Mission the Bucks County Emergency Services-Security Department consists of a number of Security Guards. The Department is responsible for providing security for all county owned or leased property and equipment as well as providing security to all county employees and visitors utilizing County facilities. This Department has guards assigned to various locations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Bucks County Courthouse/ Administrative complex
  • Domestic Relations Building, Doylestown and Bristol
  •  Lower Bucks Government Services Center
  • Neshaminy Manor complex
  • Children and Youth Social Services Building

The Bucks County Emergency Services-Security Department is staffed with a Director, Assistant to the Director, Sergeants and guards.  There are security screeners that are assigned to the Main Courthouse and the Domestic Relations Department Building in Doylestown, PA.  The Department is a 24 hour per day, 365 day per year Department.  As all visitors entering the Main Courthouse, Administrative Building and Domestic Relations Building at 55 East Court Street in Doylestown must go through a security screening process, we screen up to 600,000 visitors each year.  

The screening process involves the visitor passing through a metal detector and having any package parcel, hand bag, belt, or other container scanned through an x-ray machine.  No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed in these buildings.  A clearly posted sign at each entrance of the respective building warns visitors that they are subject to search and defines the more common weapons prohibited.  Some common items that are not allowed in the controlled access buildings are firearms of any type, knives, scissors, razors, tools, explosives, many pointed objects and any item which is considered illegal or contraband by separate statute.  By way of explanation; all knives such as the little inch and a half pocket knives or fingernail knives or novelty knives are considered knives for security purposes and are not allowed in the buildings.  Scissors are considered a weapon even if they are cuticle scissors, sewing scissors, hair cutting scissors or utility scissors.

The Bucks County Emergency Services-Security Department does not hold disallowed items.  Persons who are in possession of any disallowed items will be asked to return them to their vehicles or they must surrender and permanently forfeit the item.

All Security Guards are required to qualify annually with the Force Continuum. Our Department has many instructors who are familiar with and train other Guards on the Force Continuum. 

All Security Guards continue their training through in service training, as well as courses offered by outside organizations.

In addition to staffing the security screening stations, the Department also patrols County buildings and lands on foot, bike and vehicle; provides emergency assistance and first aid on County property; facilitates the admission of authorized personnel to buildings during secured hours, when approved; and provides assistance to Sheriff’s deputies when additional courtroom security is requested and necessary.  

Bucks County Emergency Services 
Security Division 
Christopher M. Daley, Director 
55 East Court Street 
Doylestown, PA 18901

Phone Numbers:
Director: 215-348-6096 
Security Administration: 215 340-8846
Courthouse Security 1st Floor: 215-348-6095
Courthouse Security 2nd Floor: 215-348-6676
Domestic Relations Security: 215-348-6760
Neshaminy Manor Security: 215-345-3229