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Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole 

Administrative Services

Pre-Parole Investigations: 
The defendant at the expiration of the minimum sentence or at the time of eligibility for re-parole is entitled to a judicial review of their case. This review will result in the granting or denial of parole which is contingent upon clearly defined criteria. A parole investigation precedes this judicial review.

In recent years there have been over 800 pre-parole investigations completed each year by the staff of the Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole Department. In making a recommendation to the Court parole officers weigh; residence, employment, institutional conduct, court ordered financial obligations, other pending legal matters, prior supervision history, treatment needs and the impact on the victim. The two things that have the most impact upon parole consideration are having an acceptable residence in which to live and having been "misconduct free" while serving the sentence.

Parole Application Process: 
Normally, the Records Department at the jail will begin the parole application process by sending a Parole Application packet to the appropriate institution for the defendant to fill out and send back to the Jail. Items on the application include the basic sentencing and other custody information. The defendant will supply the address they desire to be paroled to, along with the name and telephone number of the person with whom they plan to reside. Employment information is also included. The application is signed, and then returned to the office of the Director of Corrections for review. The Director or Director's designate will note on the application if they support the request for parole, or if they support denial of parole. If they support denial of parole, they will note why. This application pack is then sent to our Department.

A secretary in our courthouse office will begin the process of preparing the application for investigation. A file will be made for the investigating officer. Court Papers are ordered for the file. When the court papers are received, the sentencing information is compared to the information on the application, and, if the same, the information is placed on the computer. During this time, letters are sent by the secretary to the police department responsible for the arrest and the Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted the case. If there is a victim in the case, the District Attorney's office sends a letter to the victim indicating that they have seven days in which they respond with input into the parole consideration process.

Once the file is complete for the investigation, the file is sent to the appropriate Supervisor in one of our three offices for assignment to a Parole Officer. The Parole Officer will then have up to ten (10) working days to complete the application and make a recommendation to the sentencing judge. However, victims in the case are given 14 days (from the date of the D.A.'s letter) to provide the Court with input. The Parole Application will not be processed until word is received from the victim or the 14 days have elapsed. Victim input is attached to the investigation. A Supervisor reviews the Investigation and when signed, it is forwarded to the Pre-Parole Secretary at the Courthouse for updating the application and processing. The Parole Application pack along with the investigation goes to the sentencing judge for consideration.

If the judge determines that the applicant is to be paroled, the order is sent to the jail with the conditions of release. If the recommendation of the Parole Department is for denial of parole, or the judge is not certain if the person should be paroled, a Parole Hearing is scheduled. At the Parole Hearing, the defendant has an opportunity to speak to the Court regarding their parole application. The judge then makes a decision regarding parole.

The Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole Department collects court ordered restitution from offenders and distributes it to the victims of crime. The monitoring of this restitution requires extensive bookkeeping to assure that payments are properly credited from clients and properly paid to victims. In recent years we are collecting over one million dollars a year. Restitution is then paid directly to the victims in these cases. Even if offenders complete their entire sentence in jail and are not under parole supervision, we will attempt to collect the restitution.

Out of County: 
As part of a probation/parole plan a client may desire to establish residence or return to his residence in another county within the Commonwealth or another State. Courtesy supervision shall be requested from the county in which the client desires to live. For those clients desiring to live in another State, courtesy supervision shall be requested through a formal arrangement between states called the Interstate Compact. Act 100, effective September 5, 2006, authorizes Pennsylvania County Adult Probation Departments to collect a non-refundable fee of $125.00 for each application submitted by an offender for transfer to another state through the Interstate Compact. All clients whose cases are transferred to another county or state for supervision should be informed that, although actual supervision of their case is transferred to another agency, jurisdiction of their case remains with Bucks County. All payments for costs and fines are to be made to the Bucks County Clerk of Courts - Criminal Division. Restitution payments are to be made to the Bucks County Adult Probation Department. Any violations of probation or parole must ultimately be resolved by the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas.

It should be noted that conditions for transferring cases to other jurisdictions change regularly, that some jurisdictions will not allow certain offenders into their State, and that reporting requirements frequently change. In most states, certain offenders are not allowed to visit or live in their jurisdiction without prior permission, and being there without permission will result in a new offense.

A secretary and the Intake Supervisor monitor Out of County courtesy supervision cases at our Courthouse Office. If a problem develops with one of these cases, they will be assigned to an officer in the Intake Unit for resolution.

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